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Arbutus andrachne, un arbousier commun de l'est de la méditerannée


      Pentadactylon slopes are covered with Cistus and a number of "gorses" and many other shrubs; some common and numerous some rarer. Arbutus andrachne, also growing in Greece and continental Turkey is loocaly common. It is - according to me - less beautiful than A. unedo, menziesii and canariensis. It has a reddish smooth bark with smooth leaves and little Fl. It blooms in autumn, sometimes in spring, and doesn't seems to bear both fruits and Fl. like A. unedo and A. canariensis. Clematis cirrhosa is a nice plant common in scrubs around St Hilarion. On the road to Kantara, I found a beautiful round shrub which I later identified as Thymelaea tartonaira ssp argentea var linearifolia, obviously a member of the Thymeleaceae; it has small numerous yellow scented with orange stamens. If other ssp of the same sp. look ugly on pictures, this one is truly a nice plant. .

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