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Northern Cyprus in Spring

Oranger en fruits

Many thanks to people who helped me in identifying plants correctly.


      The island of Cyprus is divided in two. The northern half can be shared in at least three different zones :

         The Mesorea is a very flat and dry plain. which is extensively cultivated. Pumping water is no solution as the water is salty. So some plants can't be grown but wheat, barley and orange groves can thrive.

         The Pentadactylon Range has an higher elevation of about 1000 m. It's a limy mountain range and even if not very high it can be quite sharp. A number of Crusader Castles occupy the summits, including famous Kantara and St Hilarion. The whole range sued to be covered with pines forest; of which only a few are remaining due tu fires. So most of the range is covered with shrubs and scrubs.

         The Karpaz peninsula, which figure the a pointed finger on the island map is a range small hills and valleys. The seaside being allways near it is quite humid and a wider range of crops can be found along with small cow herds. One beach of the peninsula is famous for being among the last Mediterranean places where sea turtles are laying their eggs.