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Cyclamen persicum


    Thousand of Cyclamen persicum are blooming in the Karpaz hills in spring. Fl. shades range from white to deep pink. Some clones have flowers double-sized from average plants.



Cyclamen persicum         Scilla sp.

         Leaves silver patterns are unique to each plant; some plants have a pleasing smell while other have no smell. So you have this incredible sight of thousand of plants, each being unique. One could make a book only with leaves patterns. Cyclamens remain to me an exemple of how to get individuality in a mass. Being variable is for a plant a factor of success in the horticulral world. Explaining why Cyclamen persicum is the ancestor of Florist Cyclamens. Three other autumnal blooming Cyclamens are said to grow in Cyprus. C. cyprium, White-flowered and endemic. Purple-flowered C. naepolitanum common to a number of med country. Cyclamen graecum is supposed to grow there being indicated in several floras. Because of their beauty, cyclamen were often planted, so in several aegean islands, one can't be sure about their wild status. C. persicum is common in Cyprus cemeteries.

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