I met a number of people on the web, discussed a lot about plants, exchanged seeds, growing tips, read a number of mailing-lists, collect interesting sites. So this question naturaly came to my mind. I also worked for an ISP and eared a lot of customers comments concerning the web. So I decided to ask my web-gardening pals what did they think ... and found the answsers interesting

Contributors :

Carla Beltgens Gardener(The Netherlands)
Jane Atsley Gardener(Ireland)
Marsha Russel Gardener & plant photographer(Massachussetts, USA)

Debby Williams Gardener(Oregon, USA)
Carson E. Whitlow Webmaster (


Marsha Russell (Massachusett, USA)

Marsha is a keen photographer and you can see there more of a work there.

The internet has opened a whole world for me. I am deaf, cannot use a telephone, and cannot get much at a meeting or class. Through Alpine-L, I have met people I could not otherwise meet and I think I have found some new friends. I believe people from other countries are more polite than many Americans. Perhaps we will learn from them. I was invited to join Trillium-L and find it too much of a chat group and too much off-topic. I am going to try Penstemon-L. My favorite gardening sites are Paul Christian and Mt. Tahoma Nursery. The internet has opened my entire life, not just for gardening. I have learned more history in a year than I have in a life time. I use the internet for reading more than viewing. I also am planning my own site and have already taken all the photographs I need.

Her links :
Mount Tahoma Nursery : US perennials & alpines.
Paul Christian Rare Plants Nurseries : A UK bulb specialist.

Jane Stanley, Gardener, (Ireland) A view of Carla's Garden

Carson E. Whitlow, Webmaster & Orchid Grower, The Orchid Mall Owner, Cyp. Haven Adel, Iowa

I don't know what exactly you are looking for, but let me say that the internet opened up plant sources which most of us were not aware of. Secondly, it allowed even the smallest of concerns to compete with the "big guys" since the internet doesn't cost what other advertising media does and requires only minimal understanding and software. Thirdly, with the advent of such web sites as "The Orchid Mall" (http://www.orchidmall.com) dedicated to specific interests, "surfing the web" for specific needs is greatly reduced, putting the material desired in ones hands quickly and inexpensively. As for the seller and purchaser, the internet has really been a boon if used correctly for small lot applictions. As things come available or are no longer available, they are quickly added/removed form ones page, where with printed materail this isn't possible. This opens up sales worldwide, instead of just locally.

His link :
A portal dedicated to Orchids; lots of sites & links; with an emphasis on terrestrial orchids (Cyps & Arethusinae) and Blue Laelia.







Debby Williams; Oakland County, Michigan, Gardener, USA USDA Hardiness Zones 5b/6a

The internet has opened up gardening sources to me from around the world. I have found a wonderful Canadian Garden Writer who strongly promotes organic gardening (Doug Green), I have received help with a problem from a man in Scotland, I have helped a woman in Singapore, and I read information from people all over the world on a daily basis. I am always learning about horticulture. I love it!

Her Links : The web site I use more than any other is the Michigan State University Extension Service Home Horticulture Database at http://www.msue.msu.edu/msue/imp/mod03/master03.html

Carla Beltgens, Gardener, (The Netherlands) :

"If you ask me what the web changed for me about plants and garden uses, well not that easy to explain but will try. The information I get on the internet learns me a little more about the original places where my garden plants come from. Always just looked at them as gardenplants, now I know where they come from and with that knowledge it's easier to grow them in your own garden because you know a little more about the conditions they grow in. Also they are no longer just gardenplants, but they all have their own little story to tell. I am really surprised to learn that there are so many gardenplants which are not available in our country, but would grow well here in our conditions, wonder why. And....this is why the internet is the best thing that happened to me about gardening. Being able to grow all these unknown species which are not available if you don't have the web. Another advantage I think is meeting people who share my hobby and tell me I am not the only crazy gardenfreak. Sharing information about growing plants can make a difference!

Her Links :
www.bastin.nl (very nice, it's one of the best herb nurseries over here in Holland and it's just a block away from where I live), very nice links too.
www.marnis.nl this also a great local nursery with lots of chinese plants, woodplants and hard to find stuff. The url is still under construction but i think this I going to be worth while.
www.groen.net actually a Belgium site but also very nice.

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